I really like Shakespeare. And I really like different interpretations of Shakespeare. So I’m going to blog about a different adaptation of one of his plays every single day for an entire year. This includes live theater, filmed theater, television, film, period and modern, Bollywood, musicals, web series, and any adaptation I can get my eyeballs pointed at. Mad? Possibly. Interesting? Occasionally.

The purpose of this blog is to explore the themes of the plays through multiple lenses and a broad variety of performances. What is it that makes his work so timeless? How do we relate to these stories, keep coming back time and again, and find something new? How does it change our perspective to modernize a 400 year old play; how do different directors and screenwriters approach the task of modernization? What stays, what shifts, what changes, and what is cast aside?

A note on the rating system: Accuracy refers to how closely the work adheres to the original language, while Rating refers to my overall impression of the work. Both are on a scale of 1–10, with 1 being the least accurate and least enjoyable, and 10 being verbatim accuracy and the highest enjoyability. These two things are not necessarily linked; I like plenty of adaptations that play fast and loose with the text, so a 2 in Accuracy may be paired with a perfect 10 rating. Or, y’know, vice-versa.